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The controls put into place to ensure the successful execution of our marketing strategy have been placed into the ownership of our marketing organization. The next section provides a detailed description of our marketing organization.

Marketing Organization

Sales and marketing is a decentralized organization locating our professional staff close to our customers' operations to ensure customer knowledge intimacy at all times. The primary functions are:

  • Direct sales;
  • Channel management;
  • Marketing;
  • Product management;
  • Account management;
  • Program management;
  • Proposals and contract development.

Sales, marketing, and product & program management have executives located in OSS Telecom Technology headquarters in Bend, Oregon and are responsible for the overall management, strategic sales, marketing, and product direction of the company. The majority of sales, marketing, and technical support staff are located in specific regions around the world.

OSS Telecom Technology embraces a team-selling methodology with responsibilities and processes defined for efficient operation. The sales and marketing teams are staffed with professionals that have substantial experience in selling and marketing hardware, software, and solutions in the global telecommunications market. Regional organizations are responsible for definition of the sales and marketing strategies and plans for their respective territories. Each region also provides significant input and review of the corporate strategic sales, marketing, and product direction.

Business Development
The scope of business development at OSS Telecom Technology is to focus on strategic markets, accounts, alliances, channel development, mergers and acquisitions. This is a strategic role and is not tied to the sales quotas for the regions. The results from the business development efforts are measured over a two to five year horizon and should cover a revenue base that is, in order magnitude, higher than a typical per account revenue.

Sales Forecast

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Contribution Margin

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