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This sample marketing plan was written by Elizabeth Walker of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The tip-bucket technology is a totally new concept using a bucket located at the top of the toilet tank. This bucket fills up with water, when the lever is activated, the bucket tips the water into the tank. An advantage of the tip-bucket technology is that there are no flappers to leak or to be replaced. By incorporating an adjustable tank, this toilet can be used for 10 inch or 12 inch rough-ins.

We will ensure as many customers as possible recommend our toilet solution to at least one other person by designing not only the product, but the service attributes they experience around purchase, installation and use.

The core of the program is an instant-rebate offered in partnership with key home renovation retail outlets.

Homeowners can also apply for the rebate on line or call to request an application form.

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