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This sample marketing plan was written by Elizabeth Walker of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Goal: Persuade purchasers to recommend the program to others and install additional toilets as applicable.

Tools: A "White Glove" installation program: installers wear new clean uniforms, wear disposable booties over their shoes, remove the old toilet and replace it leaving no mess behind; they ask the homeowner to fill out a White Glove report certifying that they have met these criteria, and offer a free gift of environmentally-safe toilet cleaner as a thank you.

The installation team also leaves behind an attractive New Customer Kit with complete technical and care details, and several referral forms which homeowners can hand out to their friends.

On the installation call our technician fills out a Referral Sheet. It asks the technician to record the following information:

  1. Did you ask the customer to fill out the Installation Checklist?
  2. Did you walk the customer through the New Customer Kit and Referral program and give them their cleaner gift?
  3. Did you confirm the customer name and address information and get a signed email approval form (if applicable)?
  4. Did you ask what other toilets are in the home (or other pertinent information)?

Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Referral Sheets filled out by the installer are brought back to our marketing person. Depending on the data that was recorded, the customer receives a follow-up email on a specific product/service, gets put on a long-term "stay-in-touch" program or a variety of other options.

For example: Customer has another older toilet but is not interested in changing it out now.

In one month the customer receives a letter in the mail that says "When our technician was out last month, he noted you had another toilet that was over 10 years old. Did you know that your water savings can double if you replace it with a new flapperless model?"

Three months later they receive new information on the program and a special offer.

We follow up with monthly mailings or emails with pertinent information and reminders of the benefits of the Referral Program.

The system automates much of this process and with the proper follow-up in place we are able to continue to educate our clients, remind them of the need for updates and impress them with our desire to work for them and keep their home efficient.

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