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The external marketing message of Tutors By The Numbers is that we offer math help that delivers for teens in the Albuquerque area.

Our story is that we succeed because of our tutor selection, use of the best one-on-one teaching techniques, and institutional knowledge of math requirements. What we deliver is improvement on math tests and in genuine skill and understanding, which makes a real impact in the potential futures of each student.

Internally, we have the positioning goal of student results are everything. That includes setting achievable expectations and doing everything a tutor can to achieve and surpass those expectations.

If Tutors By The Numbers is achieving its goals, it should see the following measurable results in the coming three years:

  • Sell 21,000 90-minute tutoring sessions over this three year period
  • Work with 700 individual students over the three year period
  • Expand number of active tutors from current level of 10 to 30
  • Achieve 97% satisfaction (free tutoring sessions or money back given to 3% of students or less when improvement goals are not met)

4.1 Core Branding Elements

The core branding elements to express the Tutors By The Numbers marketing message externally must be redesigned to achieve its three year goals.

  • Slogan: Along the lines of "Success in Math and Success in Life"
  • Colors: Dark colors, in keeping with some of the best colleges and the idea of professionalism and educational excellence
  • Images: Rather than using stock photos, we would like to begin using photos of our tutors and students in action (with permission from students, parents, and tutors, of course)

These new branding elements will be designed with the help of a local marketing firm that specializes in branding. These key elements will then be used on a redesign of marketing materials and internal training materials over the next year.

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