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Since the founding of Tutors By The Numbers, only the company owner has executed the sales process, fielding sales calls, following up with inquiries, and attempting to close interested parents. As the company grows over the next three years, this process must be systematized so that hired sales associates can achieve the same 20% conversion rate and attempt to improve on it.

Sales inquiries will be entered into Salesforce CRM for tracking purposes (Web leads will be entered automatically). The sales associate will follow up with a call within one business day if the call is not received right away. Even faster call-back time will be encouraged on the assumption that an inquiring parent is putting out inquiries to a few tutoring or extra help options at the same time. The initial discussion will be followed up on by providing an e-brochure about our tutoring.

Prospects will be added to the e-newsletter which provides a monthly means to keep in touch with them. In addition to that, all prospects who have not given a firm no will continue to receive at least one call per month to inform them about additional ways Tutors By The Numbers can help. This information will be based on the situation of the prospect's child and where he or she is in school and the school year.

The contract form to move forward will be simplified to one page so that it can be sent with the e-brochure and each subsequent contact with a prospect.

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