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A lead for Tutors By The Numbers is any interested parent sending an email inquiry, phone call, or word through a current client.

Lead generation for Tutors By The Numbers includes the following tactics:

  • Radio advertising on New Mexico public radio, a station listened to by many parents in the target market
  • Bus stop advertising in the downtown area where many parents in the target market work (to begin in next year)
  • Print advertising in the Local iQ and the Albuquerque Journal, the local papers read by the target market
  • Print ads in school graduation programs to establish brand recognition, congratulate the graduates, and offer summer deals - these programs are read by parents and family who may be considering how the student will keep up as they enter a new school and whether extra help over the summer may be appropriate (to begin in next year)
  • Google Adwords focused on combinations of keywords such as "tutoring," "extra help," "test prep," "geometry," "algebra," "calculus," etc.
  • Referrals from clients to other parents through a new tutoring session rebate offer
  • Targeted referrals sought from schools where two or more clients' students attend, specifically focusing on math teachers, college counselors, and guidance counselors

8.1 Advertising

Media Tracking Kits Requested

  • The Albuquerque Journal
  • Local iQ
  • Albuquerque Elementary School Graduation programs
  • KANW 89.1 FM - New Mexico Public Radio
  • Local Google Adwords
  • Downtown Albuquerque Bus Stops

8.2 Referrals

Tutors By The Numbers seeks referrals from two target groups: its clients (parents) and Albuquerque metropolitan area schools (specifically, math teachers, guidance counselors, and college counselors).


Parents will be encouraged to provide referrals as early as possible. Tutors By The Numbers satisfaction guarantee should be an encouragement for clients to take the chance of making the recommendation to other parents whose child or children are struggling in math. As part of the satisfaction survey sent after 3-5 sessions with a tutor, parents will be offered a rebate off the cost of one lesson for every referred customer who moves forward with buying tutoring - as well as one free session for that referred customer. By offering a deal for the referred customer, clients will feel more comfortable to pass on the information as it is a win-win for them and their friend. The potential savings for a client can be the entire cost of the tutoring if they lead to 15 paying referrals.

This referral program has not been implemented yet, but will begin in the coming year to create a more formal method for asking for customer referrals. In the past, tutors have asked for customer referrals in a wrap-up discussion with parents after the end of the process and have met with some success. We believe we will be even more successful asking this question, along with this offer which benefits both the client and referred customer, early in the process of the tutoring.


Client testimonials from parents whose children go to specific schools will be used to market to those schools. Flyers with quotes from those parents will be created, as will small marketing kits which will be sent to the math teachers, guidance counselors, and college counselors at the school. As there may be some fear from these school staff members that recommending that parents seek outside tutoring would be to confirm that their school is failing the child, Tutors By The Numbers will explain how these teachers and counselors can make the recommendation as an added service when all school resources have already been utilized to help a student. If it is done in this way, the parents see the recommendation as a helpful suggestion, even with the price associated with it. Area private schools will be a first focus as parents who already pay tuition for their children are more likely to afford tutoring services. School teachers and counselors are likely to refer parents to Tutors By The Numbers without any requirement for compensation because the tutoring will help them fulfill their goals for the students.

In the past, some relationships with schools have been sought out and led to successful referrals. However, this program has not yet been systematized to the point that every school with two or more clients will be targeted.

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