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Tutors By The Numbers believes that the students who most need additional help in learning math are those at the remedial level, and not those who already excel and have parents who push them to excel further. We believe that middle school and high school are the most important times to offer this additional help, while it can still impact a teen's ability to graduate, attend college, and succeed in a career.

Tutors By The Numbers has already established its focus and a small group of dedicated, carefully chosen and trained tutors. With a new focus on marketing, featuring website redevelopment, rebranding, new advertising initiatives, and systematic referral programs, Tutors By The Numbers is posed to grow significantly.

1.1 Goals

Personal Goals:

  • CEO will attend 3 math education conferences per year
  • CEO will be invited to speak at 10 events per year by the 2013
  • CEO will devote more than 200 hours per year to marketing work

Business Goals:

  • High revenue: Reach total annual revenue of $1 million
  • Greater student impact: Serve 700 individual students over three years
  • Greater employment impact: Increase number of active tutors to 30 by end of 2013

Strategic Goals:

  • Increase conversion rate to 30% in 2013 based on strength of the brand and efficiency of sales process
  • Obtain 97% customer satisfaction in 2013
  • Be rated as the best math tutoring service in Albuquerque in 2012 and 2013

Tactical Goals:

  • Improve website usage and traffic 300% over next three years
  • Achieve over 150 testimonials earned in 2013
  • Achieve over 100 PR mentions earned in 2013

1.2 Purpose

The Tutors By The Numbers marketing plan serves the purpose of organizing the company's efforts around a few, carefully selected marketing activities, and planning for making an initial investment in marketing and rebranding in 2011. With many options available, the CEO will focus on a smaller number of marketing activities, giving each enough funding so that they can have the desired effect.

Overall, Tutors By The Numbers seeks to have a great impact both on the math education and preparedness of Albuquerque teen students and on employment for eligible tutors. Meeting this social goal will be possible while building a profitable business with a focus on remedial math tutoring for middle school and high school students.

1.3 Picture

A prospective client contacting Tutors By The Numbers has a high expectation, based the reputation of the business in the school community and among other parents. Tutors By The Numbers intends to deliver on those expectations, with a thorough meeting and consultation between tutor, parent, and student, where a rapport is established between tutor and student, and the parent's mind is set at ease as to the successful techniques the tutor will bring to the table and how efficiently time will be spent.

Students who work with Tutors By The Numbers will have the one-on-one attention they cannot get in school, giving them direct help on problem skill areas, workaround techniques for learning disabilities, and, most of all, additional confidence when it comes to math in general. The tutor will become a trusted guide whose success in learning math is held as an achievable goal for each student.

Parents will be thrilled that their child is finally "getting" math and the results should be visible in math class scores, practice standardize tests, and actual standardized tests as they come up. Parents will be eager to give a testimonial for the business and endorse the business to other parents. The offer of a free tutoring session for their student and the parent they refer will be icing on the cake.

1.4 Gap Dashboard

Personal goals will be tracked by the CEO on a personal chart to work towards the numbers on the Gap Dashboard. Business goals are tracked in QuickBooks. Strategic goals are tracked both in QuickBooks and in Salesforce CRM. Tactical goals will be measured by website analytics and in the company's custom chart for testimonials and PR mentions. On a monthly basis, the Gap Dashboard will be produced, first by the CEO and then by the Sales Associate after he or she is trained.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Math Education Conferences 3 3 3
Speaking Invitations 4 7 10
Hours Devoted to Marketing 240 220 200
Revenue $286,350 $521,363 $1,004,453
Students Served 158 237 356
New Active Tutors 6 7 7
Website Traffic (Page views) 42,769 85,537 128,306
Testimonials 50 83 151
PR Mentions 31 72 108
Conversion Rate 22.00% 28.00% 30.00%
Customer Satisfaction 94.00% 95.00% 97.00%
Rating as Albuquerque math tutoring 2 1 1

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