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To achieve consistent sales, Tutors By The Numbers plans the following service offerings:

  • Suspects (Individuals in the target market for TBTN): TBTN offers Web resources and links for math help. These resources are continually added to by articles and resources provided through a monthly e-newsletter.
  • Prospects (Those who have expressed interest via phone, email, or referral): TBTN offers a free phone consultation and then one 60-minute in-home consultation between tutor and parent or parent and child. The purpose of this meeting is to offer helpful study tips as well as to sell the services of TBTN by providing free face-time between the intended tutor and the client even before a contract is signed.
  • Clients: $1,350 for 15 90-minute tutoring sessions, $2,400 for two sets of 15 tutoring sessions either for 2 students in one family or for one student paid in advance.
  • Premium Clients: $4,500 for school year contract - 2 90-minute sessions per week over the course of school year.

5.1 Price Rationale

Prices for Tutors By The Numbers have been set by considering competitor prices, as well as the costs required to train and compensate the best tutors. This leads to prices that run between $53 and $60 per hour. The direct costs of tutor wages and materials are roughly 50% of these prices.

In the past, there has been some price resistance at this level and, from time to time, deals have been struck which go below the $53 per hour limit. However, Tutors By The Numbers intends its renewed branding and marketing to support this price level going forward, both because more qualified prospects will be found who can better afford the prices and because the salesperson and tutors will have better training on how to prove the value offered to combat price resistance.

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