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Tutors By The Numbers organizes its selection of tutors, tutor training, and tutoring process around its service focus on remedial math help for middle and high school-aged students. This specialization makes Tutors By The Numbers an expert in this important area, while other tutoring services seek to serve wider age ranges, wider subject ranges, and wider skill ranges, and, in the process, cannot compete with the results achieved from Tutors By The Numbers' single-minded focus.

3.1 Differentiators

Tutors By The Numbers focuses its tutoring service on a specific need of parents: remedial math help for middle school and high school aged children. Tutors By The Numbers starts by finding the best math tutors, typically math teachers, substitute teachers, and graduates of competitive colleges who meet requirements both for math knowledge and for teaching ability. Then, Tutors By The Numbers trains these tutors with a two-week training program to learn the best math teaching techniques for this age group. Tutors By The Numbers also collects the most up to date information on the requirements of standardized tests and math curricula, and teaches this to their tutors so they can bring students at this age up to grade level and ensure that they achieve better scores on math tests.

Work with each student begins with diagnosis of the problem, whether it is deficiency in certain math skill areas, learning disability, a problem of attitude, or a testing skill problem. The tutor, with support from management, customizes a program of tutoring for the student which integrates work on their homework and ongoing school studies with additional remedial prep work. The effect of all of these processes is that Tutors By The Numbers can offer a guarantee that student test scores will improve after 15 tutoring sessions or tutoring can continue for free.

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