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The service experience is designed to ensure that clients are not just satisfied, but wowed by the effects of TBTN tutoring and provide additional referrals of parents or reengage the company.

The WOW process, consisting of tutor selection and training, consistent checkpoints with clients, and the satisfaction guarantee is the primary means of building client loyalty. Loyal clients, in turn, will be rewarded and put to use by inviting them to participate in education panels in the coming years.

10.1 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Premium clients, who choose to work with Tutors By The Numbers long-term, will be invited to take part in math education panels which Tutors By The Numbers will organize in partnership with schools and key Albuquerque businesses which value math education and giving back to their community. One of these panels will be organized in the next year, two in year 2 and four in year 3. Topics will be varied slightly, and will include:

  • Private and public math education
  • Math skills businesses want in their employees and how schools are teaching them
  • Math education at home (what parents can do)

At least two premium clients who have used or are using Tutors By The Numbers will be selected to participate on each panel, along with school officials and staff, members of the business community, and members of the PTA.

The purpose of these panels will be two-fold:

  1. To build goodwill in the community around the Tutors By The Numbers brand
  2. To let the best and happiest clients show their willingness to endorse Tutors By The Numbers and generate interest from other suspects who attend

10.2 WOW Process

The WOW process is based on excellent tutor selection and training, maintained by using consistent checkpoints, and assured by the satisfaction guarantee.

Tutor selection and training: All tutors must be college graduates with math education at the collegiate level and math SAT scores in the 90th percentile. They must audition their teaching methods and show an aptitude both for social skills and presentation skills, and an ability to adjust their teaching methods based on TBTN suggestions. Tutors will be trained part-time over two weeks by both the CEO and by the most successful TBTN tutors. Ongoing professional development workshops will be held for all tutors once a month.

Consistent checkpoints: A satisfaction survey will be sent to parents early in each 15 session set - after 3-5 sessions. The survey will be sent directly by the CEO and ask what both the parent and child think about the tutoring sessions and their effect or potential effect. Any problems will be flagged for immediate consultation between the CEO and tutor at this point. The CEO may also speak directly with the parent to better understand their issue. At the end of each engagement, the CEO will follow-up with the parents for a thank you phone call and an additional satisfaction survey will be completed.

Satisfaction guarantee: The satisfaction guarantee will primarily exist to assure parents and to drive tutors to succeed, although we expect that it may be used 3% of the time when parents are not happy with their child's improvement and ask for continued tutoring or money back. Tutors whose clients are dissatisfied will be examined closely by the CEO, who will determine whether they should be let go or receive additional training based on the circumstances.

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