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Recycled Dreams is a bridal repository that specializes in the rental of dresses for the bride and female attendees of weddings. Traditionally, dresses for the wedding parties were always bought, nobody rented them. As people's disposable income continues to decrease, people are looking for new ways to save money when it comes to extravagant occasions such as weddings.

Additionally, the bridesmaids in particular never really wanted to own their bridesmaid's dress, regardless if they had to spend their money on it or it was a gift. Normally the dresses are not the prettiest and they can be used only once. For these reasons it is wasteful to have to buy a new dress every time that you are in a wedding party. Common sense is beginning to overcome this contrived fashion faux pas as people are finally becoming more careful with their money.

Recycled Dreams has a unique opportunity to be the only bridal wear rental service provider in Portland. Recycled Dreams will seize this opportunity and is forecasted to reach profitability by month 10 and achieve profits of $32,000 by year two.

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