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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Max Greenwood, owner, will interact with clients for higher-level accounting services and for all sales work. The bookkeeping program manager will handle client requests and problems, as well as proactively probe them for their needs within ongoing engagements. Bookkeepers will work with clients on a week-to-week basis both at their offices and remotely.

Greenwood will walk employees through the ideal client description, core message, marketing goals, and marketing kit upon their initial training. He will ask each employee to know how to give a 30 second elevator pitch about the company and to be able to answer basic questions about the types of services provided. He will test the employees on this knowledge.

When changes are made to the marketing materials, all employees will be informed by email. For example, as new case studies are written, these will be passed around.

A one hour weekly meeting with Greenwood and all staff will provide opportunity to talk about changes, new services, specific problems that have come up, and to hear feedback on new ideas from staff. Not all ideas or problems can be handled during this time, but the fact of the meeting will remind employees that Greenwood wants to hear their concerns and ideas in general. If not all staff can make the same meeting time (as many are students), two meeting times will be set up with a requirement that staff attend or call in to one or the other.

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