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The new bookkeeping services will be performed by part-time student bookkeepers who are current undergraduate accounting majors with up to 20 hours per week free to work. Each business will have a consistent bookkeeper assigned to it. The bookkeepers will be trained by Max Greenwood directly in proper techniques. They will all be students in the top 20% of their class with at least one professional recommendation and one educational (professor) recommendation. This is a business model which has been successful in other cities where there is a ample student labor, like New York City.

To add additional value, the bookkeeping manager, a graduate student pursuing an MBA in accounting, will supervise and audit the work of the bookkeepers, answering their questions when questions arise, and providing quality assurance. The bookkeeping manager will review the QuickBooks files and reports created by the bookkeepers to ensure that they follow proper formats and are prepared correctly.

Beyond the services offered, customer loyalty will be encouraged by thanking clients at times that are significant to THEM. For example, clients will be sent handwritten thank you cards with a small gift along with congratulations when they expand their business in a significant way (new revenue stream or business line, impressive end of quarter numbers, addition of a new, key personnel). This will provide encouragement at a time when the business owner may not be hearing it from many sources while reinforcing the notion that Sorcerer's Accountant is a partner in their success (and extremely aware of when their financials show they are having success). Employees will be directed to look for these milestones.

Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

After one year, clients who have used Sorcerer's Accountant's accounting or bookkeeping services will be invited as guest presenters for a portion of the monthly webinar. This will give these clients a means to market their own business, while explaining how Sorcerer's Accountant helped them achieve their business goals.

WOW Process

To ensure customer satisfaction and delight with Sorcerer's Accountant services, the following tactics will be used:

  • Satisfaction surveys after two weeks and then every six months with ongoing clients
  • Satisfaction surveys upon the completion of service for one-time clients
  • Compilation of this survey data into a database provided through the survey provider with the goal of "very satisfied" for at least 75% of responses and "not satisfied" for less then 5%
  • Answers of "not satisfied" will be looked into by all personnel involved and a common answer to solve the problem both for that client and future clients will be offered
  • Discounts or refunds will be offered for unsatisfied clients along with an apology for the problem

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