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Marketing Plan Tables

written by Tim Berry of Palo Alto Software


Even though we agree that marketing plans will vary depending on the exact nature of your plan, it is hard to imagine a plan that doesn’t contain, at the very least, these four essential tables. Usually you’ll have these plus several others.

Market forecast
Analyze your market by segments and project market growth for five years.
Target market forecast table

Sales forecast
Forecast your sales by product or service. The mathematics are simple, but important. You can’t do a marketing plan without a sales forecast.
sales forcast values

Expense budget
The budget is another absolute essential. How much are you going to spend? On what? How does your spending relate to strategy?
expense budget

This is perhaps the most important table in the whole plan: concrete milestones to make it real, with managers, deadlines, and budgets.

Sample tables from Marketing Plan Pro.

Tim Berry

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