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This sample marketing plan was written by Elizabeth Walker of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

We have redesigned and remodeled the offices and classrooms to make them brighter and more attractive to work in. The lobby is now a lounge reminiscent of a coffee shop where participants can relax in a warm inviting setting. We now have a teaching environment second to none in our trading area.

All participants will be asked to complete an evaluation form which measures how well the course:

  • Directly meets perceived needs
  • Easily implemented: practical vs. theoretical
  • Tailored to adult learners with different learning styles
  • Provides new insights and skills
  • Is challenging but fun and engaging
  • Uses AV and other support tools well
  • Is in a comfortable, attractive setting

They are also asked to provide a quote and give permission to use it in marketing materials.

All course participants are tagged in the database and sent promotional material for future courses and events.

They are also asked if they wish to become Course Champions in exchange for a price reduction on future courses. Champions give permission for people who are considering a particular course to call them for their views on the course. They also commit to provide feedback on how the course impacts their productivity and effectiveness once back on the job.

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