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Sumptuous Cuisine Catering, with the addition of Sumptuous Ballroom, will position itself as an upscale full-service event provider.

Measurable results that will show Sumptuous Cuisine Catering is succeeding to meet this goal include:

  • Average revenue per event increasing significantly as more services are provided through the company
  • Repeat clients accounting for an increasing portion of business over the first three years
  • Conversion rate of leads increasing to 20% as more clients become flexible on their dates, fewer unqualified prospects contact the company, and sales associates gain experience

Core Branding Elements

Sumptuous Cuisine Catering's brand includes the following key elements:

  • Logo
  • Common color scheme
  • Tagline

The logo will incorporate the name with a classical, elegant typeface and the image of a glass of champagne signifying special events. The color scheme of light green will be used on marketing materials. The tagline will be "Your guests will dine with elegance."

Sumptuous Ballroom is an important sub-brand, which will share some of the branding of Sumptuous Cuisine Catering, such as the color scheme, but will have a variation on the logo and tagline. The logo will be the name Sumptuous Ballroom with the same champagne glass. The tagline will be "Your special event, hosted with elegance."

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