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Silvera & Sons' marketing strategy will include the use of targeted print media advertising and direct selling to importers in the United States who provide green coffee to specialty roasters. S&S will also use a website.  S&S will capitalize on existing relationships with importers who have stated their willingness to contact West Coast affiliates and recommend Silvera & Sons' coffee. Silvera & Sons have positioned themselves as a differentiated provider of the highest quality Arabica beans. The primary goal of the marketing efforts will be to communicate this to existing and potential customers.


Silvera & Sons' mission statement is to provide the finest quality and freshest Arabic coffee beans available.  We exist to attract and maintain customers.  With strict adherence to this maxim, success will be ensured.  Our products will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Marketing Objectives

  • Maintain positive, steady growth each quarter.
  • Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers.
  • Decrease the customer acquisition costs by 6% per year.

Financial Objectives

  • Increase the profit margin by 1% every two quarters.
  • Holding spending, as a percentage of sales, at a specific level.
  • Decrease the overhead fixed costs as a percentage of sales.

Target Markets

The potential customer groups for Silvera & Sons are:

  • American importers of green Arabica beans: Market research suggests that there are approximately 200 importers of green Arabica coffee on the West and East Coasts of the United States that would be able to handle the quantities of S&S' shipments and are in their target market . Combined, they import a total of four to five million/60kg bags of Brazilian coffee per year.
  • Brazilian green coffee wholesalers: This market serves as a safety valve for our export business. By maintaining relationships with Brazilian wholesalers we have an alternative market with established distribution channels.
  • Brazilian specialty roasters: As S&S moves towards maximum capacity they plan to be more aggressively target this audience. This should eventually reduce transactions with wholesalers and capture their value-added costs as profit. S&S anticipates that this effort will begin approximately four years into operation of the new facility.


S&S will position themselves as the high end Arabica coffee bean distributor in North and South America.  S&S will only sell the highest quality and freshest quality bean, recognizing that coffee is traditionally a commodity.  S&S will leverage their competitive edges to achieve the desired positioning.

Silvera & Sons competitive edge comes from the advantage of having established relationships with American importers, and Brazilian coffee growers, green coffee brokers and wholesalers. Silvera & Sons has received affirmation of the demand for their product in the form of requests from importers for larger product shipments.

S&S' coffee is a superior product offering because of the larger average size of the bean and because they purchase from growers who rely on the use of chemicals and pesticides less than two percent of the time. In addition, prompt preparation and shipment provides importers with a product that is up to one month fresher than beans sold by many exporters.


The single objective is to position S&S as the premier Arabica coffee bean distributor whose quality is always be counted on.  The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding the products offered, develop the customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty.

The message that S&S seeks to communicate is that their name is synonymous with the highest quality Arabica beans available.  This message will be communicated through a variety of methods.  The first method will be the use of printed sales material.  The material will detail all of the different products that S&S sells.

Another method of communication is through the development of strategic relationships with buyers and sellers of S&S' products.  S&S recognizes that developing close, communicative relationships with their clients is very important to maintaining a high quality, sustainable business.  S&S will also use advertisements, placed in industry journals to increase brand awareness.

The last method of communication is the use of a website.  The use of the website will allow interested parties from around the world to view a wealth of information regarding S&S, their products, their production methods, and other information.  The website is a fairly rich, comprehensive resource that is accessible at all times during the day.

Marketing Mix

S&S' marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing and distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.

  • Pricing- S&S' pricing scheme is based on per product costs.
  • Distribution- The product can be distributed throughout the world.
  • Advertising and Promotion- Several different methods will be used for advertising and promotion.
  • Customer Service- Obsessive customer service is S&S' mantra.  If the mantra is adhered to, sustainable success will happen.

Marketing Research

During the marketing plan development, S&S issued a comprehensive questionnaire to many different perspective customers.  The surveys were developed by a graduate statistics student ensuring validity and accuracy in the findings.

A total of 300 surveys were released with 99 returned completed.  The findings of the survey were quite insightful.  Some of the findings supported already held assumptions.  Other information minded from the survey provided new information and insight into the perspective customers.  Because the surveys were so useful, S&S plans to do more surveys in the following years.

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