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Allendale Language School offers the following classes:

Foreign Language Program:

(levels for each language include intro, basic 1, basic 2, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, advanced 1, advanced 2)

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese

The cost of each class is $900 per student. Classes are 20-25 students. Some classes are held three times per year or more, while others are only held once a year. Classes are held in three "seasons" - Spring (January - May), Summer (June -August), Fall (September - December) with appropriate breaks for holidays. Each class has 36 class meetings.

Periodically, special "For Travelers" and "For Business" classes will be held when there is the demand shown.

English Language Program:

(also offered in intro, basic 1, basic 2, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, advanced 1, and advanced 2 levels)

  • English for Spanish Speakers
  • English for Non-Spanish Speakers

The cost of ESL classes are $540 per student. Classes are the same size and schedule as the foreign language program. English for Spanish Speakers is taught by an English-Spanish bilingual teacher.

Allendale Language School will offer the following services to encourage new students:

Suspects: Newsletter

Prospects: Open house class nights (where classes in session can be observed by a small number of visiting prospects) and Language Seminars (90 minute talks by a master teacher or the founder of Allendale Language School about language learning tips and the Allendale method). Open house nights are free to attend and Language Seminars are $20 for foreign language program seminars and $10 for ESL program seminars.

5.1 Price Rationale

The pricing for Allendale Language School is based both on competitive research and on the cost modeling of the school.

Competitors offering one-on-one and small class experiences cannot beat Allendale on price. Spread over three months, the price is very affordable for most students.

However, the pricing allows Allendale to cover its costs and earn a profits after a certain volume. By hiring good (but not necessarily great) teachers and training them well with a strong method, Allendale reduces the cost of teacher wages. Allendale holds ESL classes in space provided by partnerships with area schools and businesses to maintain lower overhead and allow those classes to be priced lower.  

The special language seminars are priced to be very affordable for anyone to get a taste of what Allendale Language School is all about. However, they are not provided for free as a means of qualifying prospects who are willing to spend money on improving their language skills.

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