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The Allendale Language School service experience rests on the teacher/student relationship at its base. However, systematic measures can and will be taken to improve the relationship.

A customer satisfaction database will be created to begin tracking customer satisfaction levels based on three checkpoints - 4 weeks into a class, 8 weeks into a class, and at the completion of a class. These checkpoints and the resulting tactics to work with students and teachers having trouble is the company's "WOW Process". 

Loyal students will, in turn, become ambassadors for the company through testimonials and the company Facebook page.

10.1 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Loyal students of Allendale Language School can be an asset in helping to convert additional leads. In the past, the school has sought written testimonials by emailing past students. The school will seek to record video testimonials from satisfied students through video chat sessions or through videotaping their comments at class graduations. These graduations are held periodically - on the completion of Basic 2, Intermediate 2, and Advanced 2 classes. Graduations are parties featuring a short ceremony and food relevant to the language being studied. Each passing student receives a certificate of completion signed by their teacher and the school CEO.

Loyal and successful past students will be encouraged to become Fans of the company Facebook page and contribute to conversations there. The possible interaction between these successful students and prospective students will help to sell the company's classes.

10.2 WOW Process

Customer satisfaction is based on setting expectations carefully and then ensuring that those expectations are met.

To set expectations correctly, the website and teachers describe the intended results of each class in the same terms, emphasize the amount of homework required, and speak of the importance of classroom interaction, discussion, and attendance.

Student satisfaction is measured at three points:

  • After 4 weeks, one third of the way through the class via a confidential survey which is sealed and delivered to the Allendale Language School office
  • After 8 weeks, two thirds of the way through the class via another confidential survey
  • After the class is completed with a follow-up survey via mail or email

Between the results of the survey and teacher observations, students who are having specific problems learning within the class are pinpointed at 4 weeks and 8 weeks so that additional attention can be paid, and alternate activities chosen. If the student simply does not seem a fit for an interactive mode of learning, the student is approached by the company's customer service representative to discuss this. If they are not enjoying the class or succeeding in learning, they may be offered to receive a prorated refund for the classes not completed so that they can put that money towards an alternate learning method. Having a student leave a class early is preferable to seeing the student fail to succeed and not wish to repeat the class.

Although the surveys will collect qualitative information, they will also ask students to rate their satisfaction with their learning, the materials, and the teacher on a numerical scale so that the numbers can be totaled and averaged. Teachers who fall below average will be pinpointed to receive additional training and asked to observe lessons by teachers with above average satisfaction levels. The results of satisfaction surveys will be entered into a database by the company customer service representative so that this kind of analysis can be done.

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