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Strategy is focus. Our strategy involves focusing on a specific area of expertise in which we are as strong a group as in any company anywhere in the world. We are true experts in the introduction of new technology products, especially through channels of distribution.

Acme will focus on three geographical markets; the United States, Europe, and Latin America, and in limited product segments; personal computers, software, networks, telecommunications, personal organizers, and technology integration products.

The target customer is usually a manager in a larger corporation, and occasionally an owner or president of a medium-sized corporation in a high-growth period.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition is high-powered extremely valuable expertise to boost major-league market entrance to new markets across international borders, at a price premium commensurate with the high value. We are not going to compete on price, we compete on quality that makes the price more than worth it.

Critical Issues

The most critical issue is repeat business. We can't build this company on a faulty foundation; we have to have a core group of satisfied clients who come back to us on a regular basis. We can't afford to spend the capital it would take to generate new clients constantly. The repeat business costs about a tenth as much in sales and marketing as the new client.

Repeat business is built on the correct strategic mix of excellence in delivery, clear communication of promise and scope, and follow through.

Most of our competitors build on a structure that has the partners selling the jobs and new hires, bright young people without a lot of experience, delivering. We can't afford to follow that lead. We can use a staff to leverage some of the footwork and analysis work, but ultimately our work must be our own.

Financial Objectives

  1. Sales of more than half a million dollars in 2007 and more than $1 million by 2009.
  2. Gross margin higher than 80%.
  3. Contribution margin of approximately 50% of sales by the third year.

Marketing Objectives

  1. We need to establish ourselves as experts. This means being quoted in major trade press, speaking at industry events, and gaining recognition. Our measurable and specific objective is to be introduced in three major events as established experts in the field of international market entry.

  2. We need brand-name reference clients. By the end of this year, we need three major brand names we can cite as clients. We need to be able to reference by name and contact phone number.

  3. We need at least one client in each of three main regions. United States and Europe for sure, and also either Latin America or Asia. We can't be who we claim to be without being truly multi-continental.

Target Market Strategy

As indicated by the previous Target Market Forecast table,we must focus on a few thousand well-chosen potential customers in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. These few thousand high-tech manufacturing companies are the key customers for Acme. We are not after every possible potential client, we want the stronger clients that can appreciate quality.

We are focusing on vertical markets, but relatively broadly defined. Our knowledge and expertise is most valuable when applied to the market entrance phase of high-tech products to be marketed through channels in new markets -- usually across international borders -- so they need to establish new channel relationships.


We do have a strong message, a major part of which is the impression of confidence and certainty we create as we deliver that message.  We have more detail below, but we can summarize here: we are experts in this topic.

We are not inexpensive. We are worth what we charge. We will save your company market and improve its market entry substantially.

More details are in the messaging table.


With our kind of consulting, branding is a slow process of word of mouth and repeat business. We do however need to use the logo on stage as much as possible in major events, and with our reports, etc. We also need to always work towards establishing ourselves as the acknowledged experts in our field.

Target Market Messaging

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Target Market Messaging
Market SegmentsMessaging
US High TechMaking mistakes will cost you much more than we do.
European High TechThis is an investment in the future.
Latin AmericaHow much does it cost to do it wrong?

Strategy Pyramids

Our strategy is to focus on our main area of expertise. We have plenty of competition in international marketing and in product introduction expertise, but nobody can match us when we stay focused on introducing a high-tech product into channels in international markets.

Our tactics to make this real? First, the quality of work. Second, expertise-based marketing. Third, we rest on heavy use of the newest technologies in international communications (i.e. Internet technologies).

The diagrams show how our marketing programs map into the tactics.

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