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This sample marketing plan was created with Marketing Plan Pro software.

Our marketing plan is structured to enable us to achieve the strategic goals we have set for ourselves, in terms of increasing overall revenue as a result of differentiating our products and services from the competition.

Our marketing team will ensure that the plan is implemented to the best of their ability and with the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.


All figures will be monitored on an ongoing basis in relation to projections versus actuals, and the ongoing plan will be altered or manipulated as necessary in order to react to and, wherever possible, anticipate external changes to the environment.

Annual results will be evaluated at the Region General Manager's meeting where the structure of the plan for the approaching year will also be established.

Keys to Success

  • Continue to develop ongoing relationships with frequent and new guests.
  • Continue to develop and implement a strong communications plan in both national and international markets.
  • Leverage our strength in the local market as a member of the community by supporting local events.
  • Identify new markets for our services such as University-based target groups.
  • Continue ongoing staff training and skill development to ensure the highest standards of service.

Contingency Planning

Contingency plans have been made for the following unexpected developments:

  • A slower recovery from the recession than public opinion: this has been reflected in the moderate increase in levels of corporate business expected.
  • The entry into the market of a competitively aligned hotel: differentiation would continue to be the strategic approach with the development of added value and benefits to leverage long standing relationships and repeat business based on familiarity and personal attention to detail.

Marketing Organization

Our marketing director, Geoff Watkins, leads our PR and marketing team of four in all advertising, promotional and public relations related activities. Geoff works closely with the members of the team, to implement and monitor the effectiveness of the marketing plan and evaluate results.

Sales Forecast

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Marketing Expense Budget

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Contribution Margin

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