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Houses On The Lake will begin to court customers by identifying suspects both directly and through partners such as travel agencies. These suspects will be sent the company brochure and will be invited to experience the Houses On The Lake experience from afar by visiting the website.

Those who express interest (prospects) will be offered a full range of rental options. Clients who return for a second visit will be offered discounts on multiple week rentals to encourage longer stays. It is expected that this discount will pay for itself by reducing the need to market and sell to new customers as much.

The standard House On The Lake houseboat will vary in its amenities, as it will be used under contract from an owner and not purchased new. The type of houseboat sought out will include the following features:

  • Sleeps a total of 6, with at least one private room
  • 1 full bathroom
  • Fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, freezer, range/oven, etc.)
  • Central air and heat
  • Gas barbecue
  • Generator

The Houses On The Lake marina will offer:

  • Ski boats
  • Gas and ice (through existing marina facilities)
  • Small convenience store within the office facility (sells bait and tackle, other basic items)
  • Moorage and courtesy docks
  • Launch ramp

Basic rental rates will depend on the specifications of a specific boat and the season:

Summer Season (June 1 - August 31)

  • Weekly - $1,650
  • 4 Days - $1,400
  • 3 Days - $1,200

Spring/Fall Seasons (May and September)

  • Weekly - $1,400
  • 4 Days - $1,200
  • 3 Days - $1,000

Off Season (October 1 to April 30)

  • Weekly - $1,100
  • 4 Days - $650
  • 3 Days - $600

Services for houseboat owners include:

  • Renting out the boat when it is not in use by the owner to create an additional revenue stream
  • Providing basic maintenance and upkeep of the boat (basic standards must be met by the houseboat owner)
  • Providing insurance and proper licensing to rent out the boat legally and limit the owner's liability
  • Scheduling commercial vehicle inspections as required by the state
  • Providing moorage for the boat

5.1 Price Rationale

Seasonal rates are based on peak usage times at Lake Shasta. Prices are competitive with other small houseboat rentals on Lake Shasta, in an attempt to offer mid-level pricing for rentals. Pricing for the industry tends to encourage longer rental periods through reduced per-day rates as lengths of time increase. However, pricing also attempts to make even three day (minimum) rental periods affordable compared with other vacation options.

For customers at the lower end of the market, price is more important than amenities. For most groups, houseboat rentals can be much less expensive than hotel accommodations for the same size group. Like cruise tickets, houseboat rentals can offer some luxury at prices which most vacationing Americans find reasonable, assuming they can assemble a group of enough passengers for the boat.

Competitors in the Lake Shasta region which Houses On The Lake has studied include:

  • Shasta Marina Resort: Offering ski boats, and three 14 or 16 sleeper houseboats, they offer dock hands and full services. Marketing for their business focuses on a mix of older groups, twenty-somethings, and children.
  • Antlers Resort and Marina: Offers 8 houseboats, cabin rentals, and other watercraft. The business is forty years old and is the largest of the small resorts on Lake Shasta.
  • Holiday Harbor: Also offers 7 houseboats, toy rentals, camping & RVs. Offers much the same information on its website as the others, with little differentiation.

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