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The goal of this marketing plan is to outline the strategies, tactics, and programs that will make the sales goals outlined in the JavaNet business plan a reality in the year 2000. We have these marketing obstacles to face:

  • The creation of a unique, innovative, upscale atmosphere that will differentiate JavaNet from other local coffee shops and future Internet cafes.
  • The establishment of JavaNet as a community hub for socialization and entertainment.
  • The creation of an environment that won't intimidate the novice user. JavaNet will position itself as an educational resource for individuals wishing to learn about the benefits the Internet has to offer.

Our marketing efforts will be focused on building the image outlined above. We have milestones and sales goals to meet and a business plan outlining our first and second year of business in detail. It will be critical to use this marketing plan and the JavaNet business plan as living/working documents. We can't allow them to sit in a file. They must be used as a map for the future success of JavaNet.

Implementation Milestones

The milestones chart below outlines key dates that the marketing team must meet. The milestones table includes both sales goals and deadlines for major projects that impact the programs outlined in the Marketing Expense Budget. Each milestone is assigned a manager and that manager has ownership of the task and is responsible for its success. We will track our successes and failures by reviewing planned-vs-actual results. Successes and failures will be reviewed and addressed and a quarterly basis.


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AdvertisingStart DateEnd DateBudgetManagerDepartment
TV Ad Creative1/15/19992/1/1999$500Cale 
Radio Spot 1 Creative1/15/19992/1/1999$250Cale 
Radio Spot 2 Creative2/1/19992/10/1999$250Cale 
Newspaper Ad Creative1/1/19991/5/1999$75Cale 
Total Advertising Budget  $1,075  
PRStart DateEnd DateBudgetManagerDepartment
Customer Happiness Representative Prog. 11/15/19992/1/1999$500Cale 
Total PR Budget  $500  
Direct MarketingStart DateEnd DateBudgetManagerDepartment
JavaNet Event 1 Creative2/1/19992/10/1999$250Cale 
JavaNet Event 2 Creative4/1/19994/10/1999$300Cale 
Total Direct Marketing Budget  $550  
Web DevelopmentStart DateEnd DateBudgetManagerDepartment
Introduction to the Internet Class 11/15/19991/16/1999$250Cale 
Total Web Development Budget  $250  
OtherStart DateEnd DateBudgetManagerDepartment
Customer Survey3/1/19994/1/1999$1,000Cale 
Total Other Budget  $1,000  
Totals  $3,375  

Marketing Organization

The founder of JavaNet, Cale Brockman, has a BS from the University of Oregon in Marketing and Management and will head the marketing effort. Initially, there will only be one additional member of the marketing team, the "Customer Happiness Representative." This position has not yet been filled, but it is the first milestone that must be completed. The "Customer Happiness Representative" will play a large role in implementing the different marketing programs. A marketing manager will be hired during the third or fourth quarter if revenues meet projections.

Contingency Planning

This marketing plan is just that, a plan. Plans don't always work out and we have to be ready to deal with the likelihood that JavaNet won't make good on the projections outlined in this plan. We also have to prepare ourselves for overwhelming success.

The following are some possible scenarios:

Revenues exceed projections - A serious increase in revenues over projections will give us an opportunity to increase our marketing budget above the allocated 20%. We'll be able to hire the marketing manager earlier, and we'll be able to provide more equipment and possibly add an additional location.

Revenues miss projections - We have to be prepared for this possibility. If we miss our projections, we simply have to re-double our marketing efforts. The danger in this scenario is that the first reaction to missed projections is to decrease spending, particularly marketing expenses. We can't do that! We have to get our message out to the target market, and we can't do that if we stop spending on marketing. Additional capital infusions may become necessary and that possibility is detailed in the business plan.

Internet side of business plays a lesser role - Our customers might not be willing to pay for Internet access or JavaNet memberships as Internet access costs and hardware costs continue to fall. If this scenario materializes, we will need to move our focus to beverages and pastry items, perhaps even providing deli-style lunches. Internet services in the scenario would still play an important role in attracting customers; we'd just have to charge less and move our numbers around to accommodate this trend.

Sales Forecast

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Contribution Margin

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