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Contemporary Ti Design will rely on three forms of marketing activities.  The first will be attendance (including promotion with a booth) at the various art shows and festivals through out the country.  This form of marketing/promotion is an efficient way to reach target customers as well as generate sales at these events. 

A second form of marketing is the use of the website which will be a source to disseminate information, increase visibility, and process orders.  The website will be submitted to various search engines so people that are not even looking specifically for Contemporary Ti Design will come across the site. 

A third source of marketing will be networking and promotion through the network of art/jewelry galleries.  Initially Steve will be generating relationships with galleries. Contemporary Ti Design will visit numerous galleries in many major cities and recruit them to sell Steve's product.  While the margins are smaller than if Contemporary Ti Design sells the piece direct, the galleries will help significantly increase the volume of sales.


Contemporary Ti Design's mission is to make innovative pieces of art in jewelry using titanium. We exist to attract and maintain customers through creative designs and customer attention. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Marketing Objectives

  • Increase the number of participating galleries by 8% a quarter after year one.
  • Increase Web traffic and sales by 5% each month.
  • Increase the amount of sales relative to marketing expenses steadily every quarter.

Financial Objectives

  • A 15% increase in productivity.
  • A decrease in variable costs through operating efficiencies.
  • An increase in sales, enough to warrant the hiring of additional people to take on administrative details, allowing Steve to concentrate on his art work.

Target Markets

Contemporary Ti Design will be focusing on two distinct groups of customers: the end consumer, and galleries (galleries to be used as a distribution channel). The end consumer will be interacting with Steve via his website as well as through personal contact at exhibitions/shows. The galleries (also museum shops, jewelry stores) will also be met through the exhibitions and shows.  At these events a long-term relationship will be entered into so that the shops become a retail distribution channel for Contemporary Ti Design. Additionally, Contemporary Ti Design will be traveling the country meeting with different galleries and setting up retailing relationships with them.


Contemporary Ti Design will position itself as a creative constructor of artistic titanium jewelry.  Collectors of artistic jewelry will appreciate Contemporary Ti Design's unique approach to wearable art. 

Contemporary Ti Design will leverage its competitive edge:

  • It is based on creative, unusual designs. While this strategy can be replicated, it is not easy. Creative, unusual designs require skill.
  • Steve is very skilled in what he does, and every piece that he manufactures incorporates an element of creative, unusual, eye-catching design that stands out from most jewelry.


The single objective is to position Contemporary Ti Design as an innovative, unique artistic jeweler.  This positioning is for the entire United States, the geographic region that Contemporary Ti Design seeks to serve.  The marketing strategy will seek to create customer awareness regarding unique products offered, develop the customer base, and work toward building a network of galleries as distributors.

The message that Contemporary Ti Design will communicate is that Ti Designs is a unique, custom craftsmen of artistic jewelry.  This message will be communicated through a variety of methods.  The first is through promotion and sales at various art shows and festivals throughout the country.  This method will be useful as it carefully targets one segmented target population.

Another method will be the building of a gallery network that will serve as a distributor for Ti's designs.  Once this is established, this will be an effective sales outlet. The last method for communicating Ti Design's positioning message is through their website.  This website will provide unlimited geographic coverage and is a wealth of information regarding all of Steve's products.  Additionally, it will serve as a mechanism for order placement.

Marketing Mix

Contemporary Ti Design's marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.

  • Pricing: The pricing scheme will be based on the cost of the raw materials and the amount of time required to construct the piece.
  • Distribution: The products will be distributed via the website, at the booth that Ti Designs mans, and through a network of galleries.
  • Advertising and Promotion: The avenues of distribution will also serve as the methods for advertising and promotion.
  • Customer Service: Obsessive customer attention is the mantra.  Ti's philosophy is complete customer satisfaction.  This will occur at whatever cost.  Even if this does not make sense relative to short-term profits it will be done, recognizing that this attitude will only bolster long-term business health.

Marketing Research

During the initial phases of the marketing plan development, several focus groups were held for both consumers of artistic jewelry as well as buyers from galleries.  These focus groups provided useful insight into the decision making process of these target customers.

Steve also spent two months on the road participating in various art shows and festivals with many different prototype pieces.  This road show occurred to determine customer acceptance of the product as well as to gauge demand.  This information was then analyzed to determine business feasibility.

The last source of marketing research involves road show and surveys that were handed out at the fairs and shows.  The purpose of the survey was to collect information regarding buyers preferences, likes and dislikes regarding the designs, and price preferences of the products.

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