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The ideal customer is a Redwood City College student. Having traveled hundreds or thousands of miles from her home, this student desires to redefine herself over the course of her college time. The fashions of her teen years no longer feel relevant on campus or perhaps her wardrobe requires an update simply due to age.

Furthermore, this student develops (or already had) an interest in environmentalism. This movement proposes purchasing locally produced goods. Foreign-made clothes carry a social and environmental cost which the student would gladly avoid. She realizes she cannot purchase the lowest cost clothes with these ideals, but having a store within walking distance from campus and a local focus makes up for higher prices.

2.1 Market Description

The ideal market for Local Threads primarily meets the following characteristics:

  • 18 to 30 years old
  • Undergraduate or graduate student at Redwood City College
  • Works on campus or from an upper-income family (has money for discretionary spending)
  • Believes that individual decisions have a cumulative impact on the environment (that one person can make a difference)
  • Involved in campus activism or a supporter of environmental groups
  • Lives on campus or within walking distance from campus

Secondary markets include staff at the college, young faculty (under age 35), and local residents who do not attend the college, ages 15 to 30 years old.

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