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Local Threads features only clothing items produced within a 200 mile radius of its location, including mass-produced items as well as items produced by individual designer/producers or craftspeople. The business will advertise the source of all of its items as clearly as the price in order to describe how the item got to Local Threads and how purchasing it will be an environmentally and socially conscious choice.

The core message of Local Threads is: "When your clothes are local, the effect is global"

3.1 Differentiators

Local Threads attempts to differentiate itself from other clothing retail stores through its sourcing of its products and by attempting be part of a solution to the ill effects of globalization, rather than part of the problem like most clothing retail stores. To that end, Local Threads promises customers that all of its products are purchased from local producers. Every clothing display includes an information card describing the producer and their story as well as the price of the item. Local Threads promises that there is a low environmental cost to its items because of this local production and reduced use of fuel for delivery, as well as a low social cost as the labor force used to create the clothes is paid legal and living wages.

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