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The external marketing message of the Riverton Business Accelerator is that anyone with passion can launch their own business and that RBA can help. This is summed up in the slogan "YOU can launch - WE can help." The positioning goal of the organization is to serve those who would not be served by other small business and entrepreneur training and mentoring programs (whether nonprofit or for-profit).

The organization believes that, by the end of three years, it will see these measurable results: UL>

  • 3,000 individuals completing its core classes
  • 1,500 businesses launched
  • Riverton Business Accelerator seeks the following results in ten years:

    • 8,000 businesses launched
    • 3,000 full-time jobs created
    • 50 store fronts opened
    • RBA-launched businesses to increase income for clients by an average of $30,000

    4.1 Core Branding Elements

    To achieve a brand within the community and among funders, Riverton Business Accelerator will develop the following with the help of a branding consultant:

    • Logo
    • Colors and typeface to tie in to the logo and allow for professional and inspiring materials
    • Image collection of clients in action in their businesses and in the training or mentoring process
    • Simple microentrepreneur process flowchart to explain the steps to clients, funders, and partners

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