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Orti's Organic Bakery is built around the belief that eating a healthy, organic breakfast can have a significant impact on a person's health and attitude, as well as the environment. Orti's also believes that customers can have great tasting organic baked goods if the right attention is paid to sourcing, recipes, and consistency.

Orti's Organic Bakery will launch a first location at Union Station in, in Wilder, to serve commuters and build a local brand which can be leveraged into additional locations in the coming years. Orti's will build a following through advertising, referral marketing, and a loyalty program.

This marketing plan will allow Orti Franklin, the owner, to focus his marketing efforts by taking the long view, and looking for results on a daily and weekly basis to see that the chosen tactics are successful.

1.1 Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Devote at least 40 hours per month specifically to marketing
  • Obtain at least one speaking engagement per month related to organic food and living
  • Set up operations so that it is possible to take two weeks vacation in second year of operation

Business Goals:

  • Achieve total annual revenue of over $300,000 in year 2
  • Achieve an average monthly transactions per customer of 6 by end of year 4
  • Achieve average monthly spend per customer of $36 by end of year 3

Strategic Goals:

  • Raise funding to expand or franchise in the fourth year of operation after the concept and brand has been proven
  • Achieve 99.5% customer satisfaction (199 in 200 customers leaves satisfied)
  • Achieve 15% market of Union Station breakfast customers by end of year 3

Tactical Goals:

  • Reach 5,000 e-newsletter subscribers by end of year 3
  • Achieve Orti's Organic Bakery club membership of 3,500 by end of year 3
  • Have 15 business referral partners by end of year 3

1.2 Purpose

Orti's Organic Bakery's marketing plan is designed to document the path the business plans to take to work towards its ultimate goal of becoming a serious player in the Wilder area organic movement and to make a difference in the community by being a vocal proponent of organic eating and living. We truly believe that organic food is not a gimmick - it is a path to a healthier and more sustainable life. We also believe that customers need not give up good taste in order to eat healthily, as the right recipes can bring the two together.

1.3 Picture

If Orti's Organic Bakery achieves its mission, the path will be paved for the business to open locations throughout the Wilder area. Not just organic devotees, but Wilder locals in general will come to know Orti's Organic Bakery is synonymous with great tasting baked goods. In this future, the organic living market will grow and be a market force to be reckoned with and no longer a niche. Orti's products will appeal to this organic living market as well as anyone seeking high quality baked goods.

Customer will seek out an Orti's Organic Bakery location and find comfort in the consistent service and taste, and the transparency with which the business describes its ingredients and their sources. The customer won't mind waiting a few minutes in line in order to purchase, and will enjoy sitting with a paper at the counter to enjoy their fresh scone, croissant, or bagel.

1.4 Gap Dashboard

The Gap Dashboard will be reviewed on a monthly basis and includes many key marketing metrics which are reviewed on a weekly basis:

  • Personal goal results are tracked by Orti Franklin directly to see that he is achieving recognition as an expert in the field, devoting ample time to marketing work, and achieving a sustainable work-life balance
  • Business goal result are tracked in the accounting system
  • Tactical goal results are tracked in the CRM system where all information related to these tactics is entered
  • Strategic goal results are tracked by Orti Franklin on a monthly basis, based on customer complaints (to determine satisfaction level) and financial reports from Union Station (to determine market share achieved)

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Owner hours spent on marketing 560 480 480
Owner speaking engagements 4 10 12
Owner vacation days 5 10 10
Total revenue $214,881 $304,782 $335,261
Transactions Per Customer 35 60 72
Spend Per Customer $105 $336 $432
E-Newsletter Subscribers Added 1,069 1,883 2,278
Bakery Club Members Added 900 1,794 2,063
Business Referral Partners Added 9 3 3
Investment Funding Raised 0 0 $500,000
Market Share of Union Station added 13.50% 1% 1%

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