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The ideal customer for Plynthe Insurance is just about to move to Peristyle Gardens. It is a young couple expecting a new child. They have left a rental apartment in another town and need more space for their family as well as the security which home ownership provides. They may have had insurance in the past, but have not spent much time researching it, instead opting to use a large national provider, perhaps even ordering it over the phone for their renter's insurance needs.

Suddenly, they have multiple needs for insurance in a new town - life insurance, homeowner's insurance, and other property insurance. They are aware of their basic insurance needs, although they do not know all of the ins and outs of insurance types and options available. As they would like to settle into the town and make it their home, they want to feel more of a personal connection with their insurance agent and put a face to this service. However, they are a bit afraid of making a bad choice, being that they don't know the town and perhaps have no contacts in the town. They want the assurance of someone with a track record of client satisfaction and transparency about how he is compensated so that they can rule out any biases or conflicts of interest.

Market Description

The market for personal insurance consists of all adult individuals, potentially, as there are products available which are appropriate for every type of person from the moment they leave their parents' home to the day they die. Therefore, the market for Plynthe Insurance, selling personal insurance in Peristyle Gardens, is synonymous with the population of Peristyle Gardens. In 2008, the population of adults (18 and older) in the town was estimated at 57,500. The town has an overall annual growth rate of 2% due to new developments in the town and an aging population with ever increasing life expectancies.

Within this target market, the market segments on which Plynthe Insurance will focus include renters, homeowners, individuals over 40 years of age, and new parents/parents-to-be.

The market segments described include a great deal of overlap. For example, many adults over the age of 40 are also homeowners and the remainder are renters. The new parent segment are also either homeowners or renters, generally. Each segment has different needs for insurance products, however, and those who fall into more than one segment have a need for more than one product.

Plynthe Insurance will focus its initial marketing on those at the younger end of the spectrum, including renters and new parents/parents-to-be. The strategy will be to begin by selling renter's insurance and life insurance to clients and then earn their ongoing trust in order to sell additional insurance policies to them as their needs arise. Younger clients will also serve as a longer annuity as insurance policies are renewed year after year.

As these clients increase in age they will have growing needs for homeowner's insurance, valuable items insurance, life insurance, and, eventually, long term care and long term disability.

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