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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The staff for Plynthe Insurance is currently small (beginning with one individual), but marketing training will be important as it grows. Each associate will go through a training sequence of six two-hour sessions with Kolem Plynthe covering:

  1. Marketing purpose statement and positioning goal for the business and what that means operationally
  2. Marketing kit
  3. Ideal target client and how they can be reached (marketing activities), Lead generation system
  4. Informational booklet, newsletters, blog, and seminars (and how the associates are expected to contribute to these materials and presentations going forward)
  5. Referral system
  6. Lead conversion system and role playing of client interaction

By spacing these sessions out over six days, new associates will have time to review materials, think of questions, etc., in the intervening days. Kolem Plynthe will ask existing associates to lead these sessions for new associates as they are brought on (with Kolem Plynthe supervising), creating an opportunity for existing associates to review.

Once a week there will a be a one-hour marketing meeting broken out this way:

  • 20 min review of ongoing marketing efforts, results and problems
  • 20 min review of upcoming marketing efforts, status and next steps
  • 20 min discussion of new ideas for marketing (lead generation, lead conversion, and service process)

If topics cannot be covered in this time additional meetings will be set to hear more thoughts outside of the regular meeting time.

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