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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The Plynthe Insurance website will provide an online version of the marketing kit, along with some interactive features. As mentioned in Core Branding Elements, the website will include photos to reinforce the client focus - showing them with their children, on vacation, in their homes and, generally, happy and feeling secure. 

One interactive feature will be an insurance quiz called "Do You Know Insurance?" Customers will likely be surprised by the correct answers to some of the 20 questions on this quiz and will better understand the value Plynthe Insurance places on customer understanding.

The website will promote the informational booklet which can be downloaded after entering contact information into the website (including a working email), and the upcoming seminar schedule.

Archives of the company's email newsletters will appear on the website as will additional blog entries by Kolem Plynthe.

Social Media Plan

Kolem Plynthe will submit his blog entries to other websites to seek some professional recognition as well as better search rankings for the his website via incoming links. The website will be publicized through local pay-per-click advertising on keywords such as "homeowner's insurance", "insurance agent", "life insurance" etc, especially when associated with Peristyle Gardens as the location or origin or an additional search term.

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