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This sample marketing plan was written by Duct Tape Marketing Coach of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

We have a follow-up system installed - we call it our "Marketing Machine".

On each service call our technician fills out a Marketing Sheet. It asks the technician to record the following information:

  1. Did you sell a Diamond Club membership? If not, why not.
  2. Did you tell the customer about the other services and divisions we have?
  3. Did you offer to talk to the customer about any add-on sales or leave any product literature? What was their response? What is their interest level?
  4. Anything else we should record about this customer? (i.e. What type of home is it? Need a new system? Do they have a CO2 detector? Old water heater or laundry hoses?)

These Marketing Sheets are brought back to our marketing person who enters them into our "Marketing Machine". Depending on the data that was recorded, the customer receives a follow-up e-mail on a specific product/service, gets put on a long-term "stay-in-touch" program or a variety of other options.

For example: Customer has an older water heater but is not interested in changing it out now.

In one month the customer receives a letter in the mail that says "When our technician was out last month, he noted you had a water heater that was over 10 years old. Did you know that newer models can save up to 40% on energy costs?"

Three months later they receive information on the water heater line we carry.

Four months later they receive an e-mail with information on water heater safety...


The "Marketing Machine" automates much of this process and with the proper follow-up in place we are able to continue to educate our clients, remind them of the need for updates and impress them with our desire to work for them and keep their home safe and efficient.

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