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The plumbing market (excluding direct to the consumer jobs) is a highly networked industry where everyone knows everyone and job contracts are won or lost by who you know. With this in mind, Don will work hard to establish himself as an experienced, professional plumber who is concentrating on the residential new builds market. This will be done in part through networking with all of the home builders and developers. The networking will be an important method to increase visibility of Water Pipes Plumbing because most home builders and general contractors are always looking for professional, high quality plumbers. It is advantageous for WTP to position itself as solely working with the residential new build market because it is attractive to builders to form a relationship with a plumber that is specializing in the same market niche and not trying to do a little of everything.

WTP will also be marketing with an advertising campaign in the local home builders journal.


Water Tubes Plumbing's mission is to provide the finest new house plumbing installation. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall in to place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Marketing Objectives

  • Increase repeat customers by 9% per quarter.
  • Ensure 100% satisfaction with every job.
  • Decrease customer acquisition costs by 8% per year.

Financial Objectives

  • Profitability within a year.
  • A double-digit growth rate for the first three years.
  • Don will move from laboring to managing the company by the end of year three.

Target Markets

Water Tubes will target two distinct segments in the plumbing market:

  1. Volume residential home builders- These builders are creating many different homes, often at the same time, often on the same plot of land. These builders are in need of a professional, competitively priced, reliable plumber for all of their residential new builds. This is an attractive market niche because the plumbing jobs are clean, numerous, and reasonably easy to do. Once a builder has found a plumbing company that they are happy with, a long term relationship is often established, ensuring a constant flow of future jobs.
  2. Custom home builders- These builders are in need of a plumbing company for their custom projects. This segment is attractive because the margins are better than typical build jobs and the projects can be fun to do because it requires creativity and thoughtfulness to accomplish the task within the established designed constraints. This target market makes up a smaller percentage of Water Tubes' forecasted sales.


Water Tubes will be positioned as a professional, customer-centric plumbing organization that specializes on residential home builds. The growing Eugene home market will recognize and value these unique offerings. WTP will leverage its competitive edges to achieve this desired positioning. Water Tubes has two competitive advantages that it will leverage to gain market share:

  • Professionalism- Fortunately for Water Tubes, professionalism seems to be absent among many plumbers' skill sets. WTP will exhibit professionalism in all aspects of customer interaction as well as job performance. It is very common for plumbers to bid out for more items that they can handle at once. This is done because the assumption is that they will not get all the jobs they bid for so it is likely that their job load will be balanced out in the long run. Some times this works, other times it fails. This is a common source of unprofessionalism that will not happen at WTP. Additionally, all employees will be indoctrinated into this customer-centric culture, ensuring that all client interactions with anyone from Water Tubes will be a very positive experience.
  • Trim Quality- This is the part of the job that is visible to the customer as opposed to the bulk of the work that is hidden behind cabinets and walls. There are not a lot of plumbing companies that have consistently good trim quality. This is one way that Water Tubes can easily stand out relative to the competitors. Having high trim quality is also an easy way to impress home builders since they will at some point have to fix any issues that are unsatisfying to home-buyers, so sloppy trim work will usually have to be remedied at some point, usually when it is inconvenient.

Strategy Pyramids

The single objective is to position WTP as the premier new residential home plumber in the Eugene area. The marketing strategy will initially generate awareness among the target customers. The strategy will then develop the customer base, and work toward the development of long-term customers.

The message that WTP seeks to communicate is the offer of a high quality work product supported by industry benchmarked professionalism and customer service. The message will be communicated through two methods. The first is a comprehensive networking campaign that leverages the personal and professional contacts that owner Don Roro has developed during his decade of service within the industry.

The message will also be communicated by an advertising campaign. This campaign will rely on ads in the Eugene Home Builders Guide, an industry journal that has a 78% market penetration for the residential home building market.

Marketing Mix

WTP's marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.

  • Pricing- Margins are tight in the industry, so WTP will offer competitive pricing to avoid being shut out.
  • Distribution- WTP will be able to service any job within 60 miles of the center of Eugene.
  • Advertising and Promotion- Advertising in the well read local Home Builder's Guide and productive marketing will be used to gain market share.
  • Customer Service- The company will be set apart from its competitors because of its concentration on ensuring customer satisfaction.

Marketing Research

For the last two years while working for a large plumbing company, Don began to keep records of his observations regarding the industry and which business models he thought would be most successful. This information provided Don with a good groundwork of information that he could work with. Don however, felt that more targeted market research was needed before he proceeded with the idea of starting his own business.

Consequently, Don held a total of three focus groups. One group was just with volume builders, the second was just custom builders, and the third was a combination of the two target market participants. The groups were on the small size with five to six people. Don spent a great deal of time preparing the material for discussion to ensure productive sessions. The focus groups yielded a wealth of information for WTP. While some of the information served to support previously held assumptions, a lot of information provided invaluable insight into the needs of the customers as well as information regarding their decision making processes.

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