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Ofeeld Photography was created to allow people to receive a one-of-a-kind, natural photo shoot - of people and of pets. Ofeeld Photography would like to be the sole on-location pet photography business in the Ohmtown area, offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

This marketing plan is designed to allow Ofeeld Photography to focus on getting our name and professional services out into the photography world. Ofeeld Photography would like to be known for the custom and professional work that is produced. Because of the unique experience of a natural setting, Ofeeld Photography is truly unique. Understanding the costs related to marketing and focusing on the avenues that produces the most return is vital to the success of Ofeeld Photography. We would also like to focus on a way to monetize prints that have been taken of nature and other subjects during the photographer's "free time."

1.1 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Enter photos into photography contests
  • Send photos to national magazines
  • Enter photos for state fair

Business Goals

  • Increase traffic to website by 2% each month
  • Establish a customer base for photo shoots

Strategic Goals

  • Establish a relationship with at least one pet store
  • Establish a relationship with a printing company for calendars

Tactical Goals

  • Devote 10 hours each week to "freelance" photography
  • Create a new website for information and to serve as a portfolio

1.2 Purpose

Ofeeld Photography exists to be able to give our customers realistic and natural photographs to commemorate a time in their lives.

1.3 Picture

A potential client has already seen the work produced by D'Epth Ofeeld, professional photographer. The customer is exited to see the lasting photos that he can create for her and her family. At every communication, the customer will feel that they are taken care of and listened to in every aspect of the photo shoot. The customer will have a positive interaction with the website and picking and purchasing the photos to buy. The client's experience will be so different from any other picture taking event that she will rave to all of her friends and hand out referral cards - and those friends will use them!

1.4 Gap Dashboard

For strategic purposes, once a relationship with a printing company has been establish, Ofeeld Photography will no longer be actively looking. A long-term relationship with vendors is important, which is why there are no numbers in year 2 or 3 for talking to printing companies - we will have already found a printing company by the end of year 1. This doesn't mean Ofeeld Photography won't keep its "ears open" for potential better printing companies.

The website traffic is earmarked to grow by 2% each month, starting at 0 because there is currently no traffic to the site. We envision this to be a much larger growth, but hope for at least 2%.

By submitting photos to national magazines and entering them in contests, Ofeeld Photography will become recognized and can use that recognition in our marketing material to validate the business and professional quality we aim for with each picture.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Personal Goals
Photo Contest - number entered 2 5 7
Photos to Magazines - number of magazines 4 6 7
Business Goals
Visits to site 122 201 205
Number of photo shoots per month 13 12 14
Tactical Goals
Freelance work - hours per month 480 480 480
Strategic Goals
Number of pet stores contacted 5 2 2
Number of printing companies contacted per month 6 0 0

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