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This sample marketing plan was created with Marketing Plan Pro software.

The purpose of Kaolin Calefactors' marketing plan is to serve as a guide for the organization.  The following areas will be monitored to gauge performance:

  • Revenue: monthly and annual.
  • Expense: monthly and annual.
  • Repeat business.
  • Customer satisfaction.


The following milestones identify key marketing programs.  It is important to accomplish each one on time, and on budget.


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AdvertisingStart DateEnd DateBudgetManager
Marketing plan completion1/1/20012/1/2001$0Sue
Other $0
Total Advertising Budget  $0 
PRStart DateEnd DateBudgetManager
Art Fair #11/1/20014/15/2001$500Sue
Gallery networking #11/1/20014/15/2001$250Sue
Art fair #21/1/20017/31/2001$500Sue
Gallery networking #21/1/20017/31/2001$200Sue
Total PR Budget  $1,450 
Direct MarketingStart DateEnd DateBudgetManager
Other $0
Other $0
Total Direct Marketing Budget  $0 
Web DevelopmentStart DateEnd DateBudgetManager
Website online1/1/20012/1/2001$600Sue
Other $0
Total Web Development Budget  $600 
OtherStart DateEnd DateBudgetManager
Other $0
Other $0
Total Other Budget  $0 
Totals  $2,050 

Marketing Organization

Sue will be solely responsible for all marketing activities other than website creation and maintenance.

Contingency Planning

Difficulties and risks:

  • Problems generating brand awareness. 
  • Difficulty meeting demand due to the nature of handmade crafts.
  • Difficulty managing all aspects of the business without slacking in any one area.

Worst case risks may include:

  • Determining the business cannot support itself on an ongoing basis.
  • Some sort of debilitating illness preventing Sue from continuing her work.
  • Having to liquidate equipment to cover liabilities.

Sales Forecast

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Contribution Margin

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