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Titicus Realtors will position itself as experts on shepherding first-time home buyers comfortably through the process of buying a home they like and can afford.

These measurable results will show Titicus that it is achieving its goals over the next three years:

  • Increase in qualified leads (first-time home buyers) by 50% in 2010 over 2009 and 20% in the following years
  • Decrease in non-qualified leads to under 5% of total leads
  • Conversion of qualified leads to clients increasing to 30%
  • Decrease of client switching to other real estate agents to under 10%
  • Increase in percentage of clients that successfully buy a home within one year of inquiry to 75%
  • Customer testimonials of at least three sentences written by 75% of successful home buyers

Core Branding Elements

Titicus Realtors brands itself by paying attention to the following:

  • Simplicity: All marketing materials and written statements are jargon-free. Images are not busy, but focused on one clear idea. The effect is intended to show that Titicus is comfortable in its choice to serve a particular market niche and serve it well.
  • Customer relief: Images (photos of past clients) on the website, advertisements, and marketing materials focus on the happy couples and families that Titicus has placed in homes and include captions with short statements from the clients describing the relief they felt by being shepherded through the process by a real estate agent that they could trust and that understood their particular needs.
  • Consistent logo: The name of Titicus Realtors will always appear in blue and white in a simple, consistent type face.
  • Transparency: Paramount to retaining the trust of customers is that answers to key questions can all be found easily within materials and are volunteered to customers in all interactions. For example, Titicus must explain that while it does make a higher commission from a higher selling price, it bases its entire business model on satisfied customers who are treated fairly and the referrals and testimonials that result from doing so.
  • Tagline: "Your First Home Purchase Made Easy"

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