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Titicus Realtors's staff currently consists of one full-time office assistant. This individual deals with both clients and potential clients as they call or email questions to the office. Although this individual will be involved in the implementation of most of the marketing programs and service processes, it is important that the person in this position review the marketing of Titicus Realtors on a strategic basis. Earl Estates will meet with the office assistant once every two weeks for a two hour meeting to discuss the following:

  • Marketing vision and core message of Titicus Realtors
  • Current marketing efforts
  • Review of the measurable results of marketing efforts
  • Changes to marketing efforts - both planned and potential
  • Suggestions on how to improve the marketing tactics to achieve better results and better align with the core strategy

New real estate agents or new office assistants, when brought on-board, will require a thorough orientation in the marketing of Titicus Realtors. Over the course of the first week, new agents must read and be familiar with all of the past resources and writing on the website, blog, how-to guide, and marketing kit. The new agent or assistant will role play with Earl Estates to demonstrate their understanding of how customer interactions should work. During the first week of employment/orientation, the new staff person will include a lower salary and will be considered a trial period for both parties. There will be ten hours of meeting between Earl Estates and the new hire over the first week to allow for training and role playing sessions.

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