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This sample marketing plan was written by John Jantsch of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

We are on a path to becoming the remodeler of choice in our chosen upscale market. Our weekly all-staff meetings always involve discussion of ways we can improve every aspect of business and service to reflect this vision.

1.1 Goals


  • Income of $275,000
  • 21 days of vacation
  • National Ethics in Business award
  • Top 25 Remodeler


  • $5 mil revenue
  • 25 design projects
  • 100% 9 or above rating


  • Top 3 in market
  • 10 carpenters
  • Buy building


  • Redo website
  • Top 10 for 5 search terms
  • Column in Home Section
  • Hire marketing coach

1.2 Purpose

Remodeling is a tough business filled with lots of unkept promises. We will become known as one of the most ethical service providers in our industry and in business in general. Every decision we make will be infused with our core ethics.

1.3 Picture

It's 3pm on a Tuesday and as I enter the office our design team is meeting with a prospect going over our process and portfolio. The customer came to us through a customer whose kitchen was one of the largest we have ever completed. Every aspect of the job went well and in addition to sending us referrals the owner sends the lead project manager on the job cookies and Christmas cards.

When I return to my desk I find 3 inquiries and a request for an interview to talk about our recently instituted green-building process. Shortly I will meet with our customer service team to talk about this year's customer appreciation project.

A quick glance at the project and key indicators board shows we are well on our way to a record year and quickly becoming known as the remodeler of choice if you understand that the remodeling process is as important as project.

1.4 Gap Dashboard

My personal projections are based on a 20% increase in income tied to an even larger increase in revenue.

The business projections are a healthy but realistic 30% increase in business due in large part to our added design capabilities.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Personal Goals
Income of $275,000 $275,004 $288,754 $303,192
21 Days of vacation 21 21 21
National Ethics in Business Award 1 Yes Yes
Top 25 Remodeler 6 Yes Yes
Business Goals
Revenue of $5 million $5,120,000 $5,632,000 $6,195,200
25 Design Projects 25 30 35
100% Ratings of 9 or above 9 yes yes
Tactical Goals
Redo/ update website 1 yes yes
Top 10 for 5 Internet search terms 5 yes yes
Write column for the newpaper Home section 45 52 52
Hire marketing coach 1 0 0
Strategic Goals
Top 3 in market 7 yes yes
10 carpenters on staff 10 ten ten
Buy a building for our business 1 done done

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