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Advanced Linguistic Pontificators has a multi-part strategy for targeting the two chosen segments. The first part is through public seminars. A public seminar is a presentation on a subject that is offered to the general public. They are typically held in a library or some other public building. While public seminars are not big money makers and sometimes will lose money, they bring together a diverse audience to view the seminar. This is quite valuable because within this diverse crowd are people that work in companies that would otherwise never have heard about Advanced Linguistic Pontificators. It becomes a wonderful advertising tool.

The second way ALP will reach its target market is through visibility of printed material, specifically books. Daug has published two books, one on advanced reading, the other on stress and time management. Having the speaker published adds invaluable amounts of credibility and authenticity. These books are typically designed for managers so it is not unusual that a manager will have read the book and then become inspired to have the author come and provide a training session for the company.

The third method of reaching the target market will be advertisements in several industry journals. Most of the journals will be HR-based. This will develop good visibility as it is, more often than not, the Human Resources department's responsibility for bringing in people for training seminars.

Lastly, ALP will utilize a robust website to market their services.


Advanced Linguistic Pontificators' mission is to provide companies with high quality training seminars. ALP exists to attract and maintain customers. When the company adheres to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. ALP's services will exceed the expectations of its customers.

Marketing Objectives

  • Increase the number of clients by 15% a year.
  • Obtain 10% of revenues from repeat customers.
  • The utilization of Advanced Linguistic Pontificators by at least five of the top 100 companies as ranked by Forbes magazine.

Financial Objectives

  • Develop a sustainable business that achieves profitability within the first two years.
  • Decrease production costs by 3% every two quarters.
  • Grow the business to the point where support staff is needed.

Target Markets

Advanced Linguistic Pontificators has two different segments that they are targeting:

  • Large corporations of 100 or more employees. This segment usually purchases training seminars through specific divisions in the company. Typically, a specific manager will have money in their budget and they will choose to have their department trained.
  • Medium size companies of 50-100 employees. This segment typically purchases the training seminars through the HR manager or the training manager. The medium size companies generally will have the training applied to the entire organization, not just a certain section of the company.

These are the two typical customers that Advanced Linguistic Pontificators will serve and therefore they will be segmented and targeted. These segments are good customers because it is normal for companies of these sizes to have earmarked money for training. Presumably, based on their size and degree of success, these companies recognize the value that they hold in intellectual capital and the need for future investments to maintain the intellectual equity. This recognition of value in training makes them ideal customers. Lastly, economic downturns do not seem to effect business from these sources because of the recognition that it is usually more cost effective to have training done by a third party then to try to have a solution crafted in-house.


Advanced Linguistic Pontificators will position itself as the premier seminar production company for its subject specialties. The desired positioning will be achieved by leveraging its competitive edge: Daug's expertise.

Daug is a nationally recognized expert in the fields that he presents. Much of the recognition was derived through the publication of his books. As an expert and an engaging presenter/trainer, Daug is able to offer presentations and training sessions that leave customers with the feeling that they've learned a tremendous amount of information, and consequently, they cannot wait to sign up for another one.

Strategy Pyramids

The single objective for Advanced Linguistic Pontificators is to become the most respected seminar production company  in the fields of advanced reading and time and stress management. The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding the offered services, second, develop the customer base, and then work toward building customer loyalty and referrals.

The message that ALP will communicate is that they are the most advanced and professional seminar production company available. This message will be communicated by various methods. The first method will be through the use of public seminars. These public seminars are an easy and successful way of introducing Advanced Linguistic Pontificators to a large and varied group of people.

The second method will be through promotion of Daug's publications. Promoting publications is a very efficient way of developing legitimacy and expert status recognition within the different targeted groups.

The third method will be with advertisements. The ads will be placed in a couple of industry publications, primarily HR journals. These journals are well read by the respective professionals and are referred to as a good source of service providers.

The last method will be a website that will offer general information in addition to examples of presentations.

Marketing Mix

Advanced Linguistic Pontificators' marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.

  • Pricing- The pricing scheme is generally based on an event fee. ALP will, however, offer flexible pricing schemes such as a yearly charge that offers services throughout the year.
  • Distribution- Seminars and training are generally offered at the client company's facilities, nationally or internationally.
  • Advertising and promotion- The marketing campaign will employ several efforts including journal advertisements, public seminars and a robust website.
  • Customer service- A customer-centric business model will be employed ensuring that customer's expectations are exceeded.

Marketing Research

In order to gain insight into the market, Daug conducted market research in the form of questionnaires. The questionnaires were given to the decision makers within 100 different prospective companies. The return rate for the questionnaire was 42%, significantly above the rate of return that is generally expected. Daug knew many of the people and that most likely is the reason for the high rate of return. The quality and relevance of the questionnaire was ensured by employing a graduate student in statistics for the production of the questionnaire.

The results of the questionnaire were quite insightful. While some of the responses served to confirm already held assumptions, some of the results provided new information and insight for ALP.

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