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The service experience of Jamestown Sports and Fitness is consistently examined through both proactive and reactive quality assurance of facilities and staff. Customers will also be asked for service improvements so that new services, activities, and classes are guaranteed to be of interest to the current customer base. Finally, customers are encouraged to remain members by additional benefits which accrue after one year of membership.

10.1 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

The primary loyalty offering for "Premium Clients" is the ability to create their own sports teams and have full rights to admit the members of the team. For customers who take part in team sports activities, this will be seen as a major incentive, as they will be able to create teams within the JSF sports leagues consisting of their own friends and acquaintances, whether from the past or other customers they have met at JSF. These clients will be able to name their teams and receive discounts on ordering team t-shirts and other items from local vendors. This will encourage these premium clients to refer even more new customers so that those friends can join their teams (only members may take part in JSF sports).

10.2 WOW Process

Jamestown Sports and Fitness will attempt to wow customers through quality assurance of facilities and staff and by constantly listening to customer interests for new service offerings and responding to these with new service offerings every four months (three times a year).

Quality assurance of facilities includes daily checklists by maintenance crew, more detailed weekly checklists for the maintenance crew supervisor and a monthly checklist for the club manager. Problems with machines or the facility can be logged at the front desk, anonymously by note into a suggestion box which is reviewed daily, or by phone to the maintenance support voicemail. All of these items will be checked daily and examined physically in twenty-four hours. Whenever possible, an email or call will be made back to the individual who made the request to acknowledge that it was heard and again when the problem is rectified. There is a goal of 97.5% functional machines at all times (meaning only 1 in 40 may be out of order on any given day). Clubs that fall below this level will be examined by the operations manager to determine where the problem lies.

Staff performance reviews will occur twice per year and will be based on customer reviews, peer reviews, and supervisor reviews. Results of performance review can range from disciplinary action or additional training to bonuses and raises. Staff performance reviews are initiated if a failing grade is ever received by a customer in order to examine this review and to rectify any problems.

Customers will be polled for new service offering ideas by email every four months linking to a Web survey. These results will be analyzed and a task group will be formed to come up with three recommendations for new services or significant service improvements out of these customer surveys. One, two, or all three of these recommendations will be implemented in the clubs. Customers who proposed the winning suggestions are rewarded with a year's free membership which serves as an incentive for participation in the survey. If more than one customer proposed the same winning suggestion, a winner will be chosen at random from that group.

Through quality assurance and implementing customer suggestions for improvements on a regular basis, JSF believes customers will be consistently satisfied and even wowed by the club's services.

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