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This sample marketing plan was written by Elizabeth Walker of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

All city home improvement store locations will be hosting an Instant Toilet Rebate on selected weekends. Between the hours of 9am and 5pm homeowners can purchase a low-flow toilet from the City-selected list and receive an instant $60 or $75 rebate with an in-store coupon. They must bring their driver's license and a City water bill. Valid only for City residents.

Advertising will change opinions among householders, providing them with new options to save money while doing the right thing for water conservation, and drive traffic to the Instant Rebate events and a landing page.


Goal: Education on conservation and cost issues.

Tools: Free information-rich sessions and hand-outs at events such as ECO Expo; free downloads on the landing page; interviews on local radio stations; articles in local newspapers; inserts in utility bills.


Goal: Persuade them to self-identify and start the budgeting process.

Tools: High frequency of advertising messages asking people to attend Instant Rebate events or go to a landing page or call a toll-free number. Radio will be the primary medium, with print secondary.

We will follow up with people who ask for information from the landing page with an automated series of low-key informational emails.

SAMPLE RADIO (30 Seconds)

Did you know that your old toilet could be losing enough water to fill three average sized swimming pools?

At today’s water prices, that’s $000 a year in water down the drain.

Find out how to replace your old toilet with a new flapperless model that won’t leak.

Visit Go Green Together dot CA or call us at 905 377.1278.

OR: See our ad in Friday's City Today.

OR: See our ad in the Spring edition of City magazine.

OR: See our ad in Thursday's City News.

OR: See the insert in your City Utilities bill this month.

Save water, and save money. What could be better?

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